SOLD OUT: Hot Snakes at the Star Theater – Tickets – Star Theater – Portland, OR – November 11th, 2017

SOLD OUT: Hot Snakes at the Star Theater

True West & Brooklyn Vegan Present at the Star:

SOLD OUT: Hot Snakes at the Star Theater

Hurry Up, The Suicide Notes

Saturday, November 11th, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

Star Theater

Portland, OR

$26 ADV / $30 DOS

This event is 21 and over

Hot Snakes
Hot Snakes
Hot Snakes formed in 2000, after the release of their first record, Automatic Midnight. They were John Reis, Jason Kourkounis, Rick Froberg, and Gar Wood. The band’s sound represented a return to the unrealized past of its members. This time their musics would be direct, undraped and rock ‘n’ roll while still maintaining the dense and turbulent character of the members’ previous work ("hard" labor). In April or May of that year, Hot Snakes found their live sound and established themselves as primo, down-stroke warlords.

Wikipedia says that in 2002 the band released their second album, Suicide Invoice. The album exhibited Hot Snakes slightly larger palate in mood and dissonance. People enjoyed the shows and listening to the recorded music. But, strain from controversy and fame would reveal cracks in the worn hides of these old road dawgs. Exit Jason Kourkounis to focus on other musics.

In 2004 Mario Rubalcaba joined the band and Hot Snakes released their third and last studio album, Audit in Progress. An increased attraction to dissonance surfaced as the band spiraled downward into a mid-life punk crisis. Yet, more shows were played and enjoyed and the band visited many cities all over the world. By 2005, the band had stopped performing.

2011 saw the return of Hot Snakes. The band appeared on the premier festival circuit. Both drummers performed with the band on the songs which they each recorded. The reformation proved the band to still be in the top 5. They discussed writing new material and building upon this revitalized momentum. After an additional 6 years of discussions, Hot Snakes returned to the studio in 2017 to commence recording. And, lucky for all of us, 2017 finds Hot Snakes charging back, renewed, playing shows and planning for the release of a new album in 2018 on Sub Pop Records
The Suicide Notes
The Suicide Notes
Garage pop band from Portland, Oregon, USA, started as a recording project by Tim Connolly (formerly of The Epoxies) with Jessi Lixx, Josephine Jones and Double A on vocals. Later Petey J Cool (Pure Country Gold) and Howie Hotknife (The Hotknives and ex-Mean Jeans) joined the band.

Jessi Lixx - vocals
Double A - vocals
Miss Joseph - vocals
Tim Connolly - drums
John Cox - bass
Petey J. Cool (a.k.a. Patrick Foss) - guitar