Bellydance Evolution – Tickets – Aladdin Theater – Portland, OR – April 9th, 2017

Bellydance Evolution

'Alice in Wonderland' as Middle Eastern Dance

Bellydance Evolution

Sunday, April 9th, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Aladdin Theater

Portland, OR

$30.00 ADV/DOS

This event is all ages

Bellydance Evolution
Bellydance Evolution
Celebrating, exploring, and uniting Middle Eastern and Western dance for the 21st century, Los Angeles-based Bellydance Evolution presents Alice in Wonderland at the Aladdin Theater! Bellydance Evolution founder and world renowned choreographer Jillina Carlano created a revolutionary approach to the whimsical and magical tale, re-imagining the colorful, iconic - and dare some say, "mad" - characters through the language of world fusion dance. Presenting theatrical dance shows with a storyline, much like a ballet, Bellydance Evolution features a cast of 20 international performers who are passionate about their art in the fields of Middle Eastern dance and music, break dance, theatrical hip-hop, contemporary, tribal and fusion dance, each bringing their own unique vision to the production.

Bellydance Evolution’s Alice in Wonderland promises to take the audience on a spectacular journey that will excite both mainstream audiences and dance enthusiasts. Based on the Alice in Wonderland book, the performance is appropriate for all ages. Performing to sold-out crowds in over twenty countries spanning North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia, Bellydance Evolution recently performed in Morocco with the Orchestra Philharmonic de Morocco in an "East meets West" collaboration performance and performed a 28 city, 35-performance tour of China.

“We have performed Alice in Wonderland throughout Asia, Europe, South Africa and Morocco and are thrilled to share Alice in Wonderland in Los Angeles, Oregon and Washington State this April,” exclaimed Carlano.

Alice in Wonderlandstars Jillina Carlano (Queen of Hearts), Heather Aued (Alice), Portland resident Sharon Kihara (The Caterpillar), Rin Ajna (The Mad Hatter), Ellyott Colon (The White Rabbit), and Ozzy Ashkenazi (The Chef).

​​ Starring in Alice in Wonderland is Portland resident Sharon Kihara who is also the director of the Catharsis Dance Collective, a world dance organization and studio located in North Portland. Sharon began her education in Middle Eastern and American Belly Dance as a child in Eugene after being deeply inspired by the performers of the Caravan Stage at the Oregon Country Fair. With a career spanning two decades, Sharon has performed and taught thousands of students in over 60 countries worldwide and has pursued education in Dance Ethnology and Kinesiology, and holds teaching certifications in yoga therapeutics and dance. When not touring, Sharon offers intensive dance training programs as well as weekly classes at Catharsis' Portland Studio.

Continuing the successful formula established by past productions such as Immortal Desires and Dark Side of the Crown, Bellydance Evolution ensemble performs to a theatrical score commissioned from film and television composer Paul Dinletir, owner/director of Los Angeles-based ‘audiomachine’, who has written and produced trailer music for The Hobbit, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End and Avatar, and the music for the opening ceremonies of the last two Summer Olympics.